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Website promotions with your own: image compression.

You can't find your website in the searcher?
Do you want more visibility in Google, but you haven't got way to contact specialists?

The first advice we can give you, is to optimize all images in the website.
Yes, it have effect on the site's load speed. And speed, in turn, is one of the main ranging factors.

Such optimization allows to descrease image weight and enhance speed.
1. You can make image compression manually with any graphic editor. In doing so, you need to check the quality of image.
2. Another way for optimization, use online programs. They allow to optimize image automatically, and you won't lose the quality of image.

There are a list of online programs, which will help you compress the image without loosing the quality:
1. Optimizilla
2. TinyJpg
3. Compressor

And what about you? Have you optimized the images on your website?